Heat accumulating generator

The heat accumulating generators are designed to produce hot air when burning solid fuel (wood chips, pellets, sawdust etc.) or LPG with thermal capacity up to 1.7 MW. Structurally the heat accumulating generators consists of:

- Combustion chamber;
- Heat exchanger located in the same housing as the combustion chamber;
- Chimney (4 meters);
- Burner (depending on fuel type);
- Fan for intake of heated air;
- Automatic fuel injection auger;
- Hopper with screw for fuel;

Principle of operation of the heat generator.

The hot gases formed in the combustion chamber heat the arc of the combustion chamber and then pass through the heat exchanger tubes.  Due to the special design of the heat generator, a triple passage of the gases through the heat exchanger is ensured. The fan feeds air into the arc of the combustion chamber and then the air continues to collect the heat entering the heat exchanger pipes. The heated air is fed along the heating network to the process chain (grain dryer, poultry farm, greenhouses, other premises, etc.).  The burner, the intensive air supply and the auger allow fuel to be burned with maximum efficiency and control flame intensity, which in turn allows the heat generator to remain in the selected temperature mode with complete automation of the combustion process.
The outlet temperature of hot air is adjusted by means of the inlet valve of cold air. Combustion is controlled electronically in accordance with the percentage of oxygen in the flue gases. This is achieved by regulating the amount of fuel and air for the combustion. This ensures free combustion without smoke and odor. The optimal temperature of the flue gases is 180 - 250°C. If the temperature reading is outside this range, control system will adjust the flow of air and fuel to the combustion chamber.

Areas of application of heat generators

- Heating of poultry farms, greenhouses and premises for different purposes;
- For grain drying (connection to grain dryers);
- Connection to various driers (for drying vegetables, fruit, wood, etc.).




Heat accumulating generator

The heat accumulating generator TG1,5 is intended for production of hot air used for direct or indirect drying of wood chips, sawdust and other raw materials. The thermal capacity of TG1,5 is 1.5 MW.

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