Fruit and Herbs Dryer

General description of the system and working principle

The Fruit and Herb Dryer (FHB) is designed to dry raw harvested fruits and herbs in the form of leaf or fruit. The temperature range for drying herbs is from 40 to 80 ° C - hot air is fed to the bottom of the drier. Fuel, gas, pellets and other bio-waste can be used as fuel for the heat generator.

The Fruit and Herb Dryer FHB consists of a thermo-insulated panel structure with a double-leafed door for herb filling. At the rear of the Dryer, a machine compartment (MC) with a width of 2500 mm, a height of 2600 mm and a length of 4000 mm is separated by a rigid partition. In the machine compartment a heat generator is installed. The exhaust gases from the heat generator are output from a 0.75 kW smoke blower. The heat generator is blown up by a twin-suction fan driven by a 10 kW motor. By means of a heat-insulated air collector, the hot air is fed into the room for drying herbs under perforated sheets. With four flexible aluminum pipes and four valves, recirculation of the exhaust air is ensured.

Main components

The equipment consists of separate components that make up the whole system when assembled. As a standard, the main components are made of sheet material and steel profiles of standard quality, protected from corrosion.

The main components of the SPB drier are:

-    Thermo insulated refrigerated trailer housing (panels), with a double-leafed door to fill the herbs.
-    Machine compartment at the rear of the dryer provided with a sliding door of a width of 2.0 m.
-    Heat generator
-    Double suction blower
-    Electric motor 10 kW / 380 V
-    Smoke fan
-    Air collector for supplying hot air to the drier compartment.
-    Four adjustable valves at the inlet of the collector of the fan for recirculation of exhaust air.
-    Four aluminum flexible air ducts from the drier compartment to the adjustable exhaust air recirculation valves.
-    Two openings with shutters for feeding fresh air to the fan.
-    Power board for controlling the drying process.
-    In the dryer part there are arranged from 12 to 30 sieves of perforated metal sheet with a hole Ø6,0 mm and dimensions 1000 x 1250 mm.

Fruit and Herbs Dryer


pellets, wood chips, wood logs,LPG, agricultural wastes and straw bales

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