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System description

The BSB Series boilers are designed to burn whole, big cylindrical bales of straw with diameter from 1,20m up to 2,40m and weight up to 380 kg. and 20% humidity . Loading of the combustion chamber with straw is done with forklift truck 2 times a day. The initial ignition is manual. Flue gases from the combustion chamber pass through the tube bundle for further utilization of its temperature, and then out through the chimney, which passes through the center of an accumulating hot water tank* (Fig. 1). The tank is sold separately from the boiler. From the accumulating tank, the hot water is supplied to the different consumers (heating, drying, grain, etc..).

*Upon your request we can supply you with fully insulated and cladded accumulating tanks with volume of 5 000, 10 000, 20 000, 30 000, 50 000 and 100 000 liters.  Please feel welcome to contact us for price offers and questions.

Automatic regulation
The automatic control box is designed and produced by our partner Topling Ltd. UK. It covers EU environmental requirements and standards for air pollution. The combustion is electronically controlled according to the percentage of oxygen in the exhaust, which is measured by the lambda sensor. This is done through regulation of the combustion air which can be switched between primary air at the top of the combustion chamber and secondary air at the bottom of the combustion chamber. This ensures a smoke- and smell-free combustion.   The optimal temperature of the water outlet is normally 85°C and can be set in the control system within the range 60 – 90°C. When the chosen temperature is reached, the combustion air fan is stopped and the dampers closed.

The optimal flue gas temperature is 200 – 250°C. If temperatures outside this range are measured, the control system will adjust the supply of air to the combustion chamber. 

The temperature of the water inlet must be at least 65°C as lower temperatures can cause corrosion of the boiler. Therefore there is a shunt vale with hot water from the water outlet, which is controlled automatically by the shunt thermostat.

During the combustion, small explosions can occur in the combustion chamber. For safety reasons, an explosion hatch is installed in the door to the combustion chamber (fig.1).

Unless otherwise agreed, the following components are included in the scope of delivery: 

  • Pipes between boiler and accumulation tank;
  • Pipes between boiler and stack.
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Operating manual;
  • Warranty card.

Foundation and installing the system
It is recommended that the loading place has a foundation to ensure that the truck delivering the straw can do this securely. The boiler must be installed on a leveled concrete floor and there must be a free space of minimum 50 cm around the boiler due to cleaning. In front of the front door of the boiler there must be minimum 2 m free working space.


  • CO2 emissions that meet the new EU standards;
  • Easy loading, firing and maintenance;
  • Under 2 % of waste after burning;
  • The system is designed for heating of middle-sized and large facilities;
  • Output power in the range from 150kW up to 1000 kW;
  • Boiler, an accumulating tank and chimney in one;
  • External cladding of corrugated "LINDAB" sheets comes in different colors chosen by the client;
  • The combustion chamber is insulated with specially designed refractory bricks 40 mm thick;
  • User-friendly advanced control.

BSB series boiler is a market leader, with proven efficiency.

  • Low level of CO2 in the exhaust gases;
  • Efficiency: 83% + 5% extra with tank and chimney;
  • The best outputs of the market, see the diagram below;
  • Automatic start;
  • Automatic stand-by function when the bale has burnt out;
  • Closes air flow in the boiler and chimney in stand-by position preventing loss of heat when the system is not in function;
  • Minimum corrosion in the chimney as it is always warm ensuring immediate draught at heating;
  • Longer combustion chamber by customer’s request, is available for an additional charge;
  • Gas spring on explosion-relief door.



Biomass, medium, big and round straw bales

We are proud to present our BSB series. The market leader without competition on the European market in efficiency, lowering of heat costs and CO2 emissions.

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