Heat accumulating generator

General description of the product

The heat accumulating generator TG1,5 is intended for production of hot air used for direct or indirect drying of wood chips, sawdust and other raw materials. The thermal capacity of TG1,5 is 1.5 MW. It consists of a steel welded body from structural steel, in which is formed a combustion chamber of refractory bricks. In the chamber is mounted a cast iron grill shaped like a triangular prism in which with the help of made by refractory stainless steel screw is fed fuel - wood chips, pellets, sawdust with dimensions 15 x 25 x 5 mm., or pellets with a diameter of Ø6 or Ø8 and the like. The combustion chamber is supplied with primary and secondary air using centrifugal fans, whose flow is regulated by valves. Above the combustion chamber is shaped а brick chamber for the hot air, which through an opening in the upper part of the dryer goes through the blowout to the users of the hot air. Installed power of 3,0kW.

The outlet temperature of hot air is adjusted by means of the inlet valve of cold air.

Combustion is controlled electronically in accordance with the percentage of oxygen in the flue gases. This is achieved by regulating the amount of fuel and air for the combustion. This ensures free combustion without smoke and odor.

The optimal temperature of the flue gases is 180 - 250°C. If the temperature reading is outside this range, control system will adjust the flow of air and fuel to the combustion chamber.