Compost Extraction system – CE 450

Compost  extract,  is  an  economical  way  to deliver  many  of  the  benefits  of  high-quality  compost efficiently and effectively. Compost extract made with the CE-450 is a water-based extraction of the soluble minerals, humic substances, and microbes from high-quality compost. A food source is also added to the compost tea to stimulate microbial  activity  and  reproduction.  High-quality  compost is a source of diverse beneficial microbes which, along with  microbial  food  sources,  multiply  numerous  times  on crop leaves and in the crop’s root zone. Compost is typically  applied  to  the  soil  by  a  side  dressing  in  the furrow,  as  a  foliar  by  spraying  or  through  an  irrigation system  to  the  leaves  of  a  growing  crop,  or  sprayed  on crop residue to capture the nutrients. The diverse microbial profile in compost help the plant’s leaves absorb nutrients from the air, and as they find their way into the soil, they  help  the  plant’s  root  system  extract  nutrients from the soil.

Compost Extraction System is a high production compost process. The basic principle of the extraction system is to use more high-quality compost, effectively extracting the soluble minerals, humus, and microbiology. No food sources are added immediately, allowing the inactive microbes tore main inactive, thus conserving oxygen. This extends the useful life of the compost to two to four weeks. Because the microbial population was not made active by adding food, the microbial diversity that existed in the compost is preserved.

The CE-450 produces compost continuously as 1 500 liters of water passes through the extraction system. When the 1 500 liters cycle is complete, the spent compost sludge is flushed from the system. Even though the spent compost sludge does not amount to a large volume, it is often put into a beginning windrow as an ingredient. Once a fresh charge of compost is put in the extractor, production of the next cycle can begin. Each 30 minute cycle of the Compost Extraction System produces up to 1 500 liters of high quality extract, for a throughput of 3 000 liters per hour.