This 1 MW containerized hot water boiler type “Marine One”  has been designed by our engineers to be used as hot water supply unit on board of service vessels and/or on shore, depending of specific need. The project meets requirements of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and is considered as a part of its global oil pollution response equipment.

By order of “BM Gust” EOOD, Varna, BG, one hot water boiler with thermal power 1,0 MW, together with all equipment needed was produced and installed in a standard  20” sea container to be used on board of anchor handling vessel m/v “Enterprise”. The system was tested at open sea on board of m/v “Enterprise” and proved its high efficiency and reliability.

The boiler is horizontal tube flame hot water boiler, with round combustion chamber, with insulation and lagging, installed on legs in bilge water pan. Boiler’s main features are

  • Working thermal output is 1000 kW;
  • Working pressure – 3 bar;
  • Inlet water temperature - 70°C;
  • Max outlet water temperature - 95°C;

Bellow you can see the lay our of components situated in 20” sea container, overall dimensions of main units and key of components and pipelines

We are at customer’s disposal for designing and manufacturing the same or similar tailor made unit to meet specific needs and requirements. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries, comments and questions. You will be pleased to have our quick professional answers.

And last but not least you will be surprised by our rock bottom prices for supply of such or similar unit, in comparison with other suppliers of marine equipment.



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