Herbs Dryer

The herbs dryer is designed for drying raw herbs collected in the form of leaf mass (foliage) or fruit. The drying air temperature range for herbs is from 40 to 80° C – as the hot air is fed into the bottom of the drying compartment. As fuel for the hot air generator are used wood logs (alternative biomass source may be used).

The dryer consists of insulated refrigerated wagon with double wing gate for loading herbs. At the rear end of the wagon separated by a fixed barrier there is a machine department (MD). In the MD is installed Heat Generator on solid fuel. The exhaust gases are being led out by a smoke fan. The Heat Generator is being blown with double suction fan. Through insulated air collector, the hot air is fed into the room for drying herbs under trays of perforated steel. The use of four flexible aluminum pipelines and four valves ensures recirculation of the exhaust air.